Saturday, December 17, 2011

Yarrawonga Christmas Market

So what proved to be very popular at our first market stall???....................

Rose and Musk Melts were a great hit.................. and it was a tie for these 3 varieties of soap........

Spearmint Honey

Choc Mint (below)      and  Orange & Cinnamon (below right)


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What's New ?

Where to begin?  At first I thought I would just use the blog as my webpage - well, I am doing that at this point, however I believe it's a benefit for all of us if I keep up a blog of the cottage letting you all know what's happening here. I've made a page specifically to tell you about us and about our products - so now, lets make a start with blogging........ As many of you know, I work as a nurse and my little business is slowly coming into being, even though I've been making soaps & many other items for a number of years now.  I'm now up to 15 varieties of soaps available for you to purchase.

Now the next exciting news is that we have another new stockist to join with us:
Welcome to "The Material Girls"

 Joy has a great range of fabrics and quilting supplies and now also stocks our lovely natural handmade soaps.  She will also be stocking our candle melts once the new packaging arrives to house them.  The Material Girls are situated in Yarrawonga.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Welcome to Hazelmere Cottage

Welcome to Hazelmere Cottage - grab yourself a cuppa & come take a look around at our  natural handmade soaps, candles, and other products.

Where are we?
Hazelmere Cottage is located in Bundalong, North East Victoria (Australia), right near the juntion of the Murray River & Ovens River.   Where possible, ingredients are sourced locally- Olive Oil from Rich Glens Olive Grove, Yarrawonga, Honey & Bees Wax from  Chiltern Apiarists, and the majority of herbs & flowers that are grown in our gardens here at the cottage.   
Our current products include soaps and candle melts,  with lip balms, candles, and furniture polish, coming on sale in early 2012. All of these are handmade in individual batches on our little homestead. No artificial colours are added to our products, and essential oils are used instead of fragrances, making them more beneficial to your health and well being.

Our Products...
Vanilla and Coffee Bean Soap
  Olive Oil forms the main ingredient to our soaps, although other oils, including essential oils are used in various proportions depending on the variety of soap.  Colours sometimes alter slightly due to natural colouring from herbs & other ingredients being harvested at various times of the year  Please visit our soaps page for more details on varieties available & list of ingredients.

Liquid Soap:  Hoping to be available early 2012

Candles and Candle Melts:
 Made from local beeswax (Chiltern Honey) with essential oils added to deliver a lovely natural smell to your home. 
Candle Melts are currently available in Rose, Lavender, Orange.  Also available due to popular request is Musk (our only fragrance).
Candles are currently out of stock.

Furniture Polish: A blend of beeswax, linseed & olive oils with essential oil added.  Varieties available :   Rose, Lavender, Orange and Lemon Myrtle. 
Will be available in early 2012

Lip Balms coming in 2012 - stay tuned for more details
Orders can be made by either visiting one of our stockists listed on our stockists page, or by sending an email with your order & details   whilst we are waiting for our internet shop to be set up.

A little about me:
I'm Sharmayne, I'm a registered nurse and mother of 3 grown children.  I began making our own soaps a number of years ago when alergeric reactions to many chemically based items began in our family.  I love the idea of tradional, handmade items that come about with time & patience - as well as being free from harmful chemicals.