All cakes of soap are individually cut & packaged by hand - they will not have a "machine finish" to them, as we prefer the "natural, down to earth" look. Soaps are priced at $4.00 each or 6 for $20  plus postage & handling. Soaps weigh approx 120gr each with some variation depending on variety.  They are all made using local  Olive Oil as the main ingredient, with coconut and sunflower oils mixed with natural lye and essential oils to produce a good quality, natural soap for you. They produce a good lather and are long lasting right down to the last slither of soap.
What do you want from your soap?  Luxurious?  Exfoliant?  Healing? Good for the whole family? Or perhaps something to represent our local area?  There are currently 12 varieties of bar soaps available with others soon to join.

Orange & Cinnamon - a good exfoliant & one of the most popular of our soaps.

Vanilla, Honey & Oats- using local honey from Chiltern Aparies
Vanilla Bean & Coffee - 
Did you know that coffee beans have the ability
 to aid in helping               
to reduce those celulite dimples? This soap has coffee
bean on the top for circulating those areas and a
lovely creamy vanilla bean bottom for a luxurious feel and smell

Lemon Myrtle
Lemon Myrtle -  uplifting and refreshing.  Lemon Myrtle essential oil is known for its antimyrobial properties, helping to reduce bacteria.
White Lavender
White Lavender - Made using essential oil and flower heads from the  White Dentata Lavender grown
here at our cottage.

Choc Mint - Very popular, especially with teenagers!  Choc Mint is made using the choc mint herb grown here at the cottage, picked fresh and added with cocoa and spearmint essential oils it looks and smells good enough to eat!
This soap is also prooving to be popular with the menfolk who enjoy using it instead of shaving cream.

Aloe Vera Comfort - a soothing soap - especially during summer after a long day in the sun!  A blend of  fresh aloe vera gel  and comfrey, both grown here on the cottage are used in this soap.  Aloe Vera is well known for its healing properties, particularly with sunburn.  Comfrey is also known for its healing properties and tissue regeneration.   

Gardeners Blend is truly a friend for all gardeners! It combines tea tree and lavender essential oils for antibacterial help and freshly picked rosemary and lemon thyme, grown here at the cottage.  Rosemary can be used topically to aid with circulation, wound healing and eczema. Lemon Thyme contains anti aging properties as well as helping to produce a wonderful relaxation property for tired muscles.  Keep a cake of this handy to use whenever working in the garden!

Spearmint Honey - A blend of  honey from a local honey farm (Chiltern Honey ) with spearmint essential oil.  A soothing soap with a refreshing smell that lifts the body and soul.

Beer Soaps:           The Buffalo Brewery in Boorhaman brews it's own range of beers.  We use  the Lager  to produce the Buffalo Beer Soap,  and their Ginger Ale combined with dried Ginger to produce Buffalo Ginger.   These are popular with tourists visiting the north east and also for those looking for somthing a little different to give to Dad or the male in their life!
And for the Girls there just has to be that special something...
Rose Petals  - with Rose essential oil and sprinkled with fresh
Rose Petals from the cottage gardens!