Sunday, February 12, 2012

No Longer a Business......

This is a sad thing, but unfortunately due to the ridiculously high costs for product liability for soap makers here in Australia, together with the new "thing" coming in with respect to having to register with the govt agency (at a lovely fee of course), it just is not viable for me to be able to sell my soaps to the shops any longer.  They need to add a mark up naturally, however this would take the price up to a crazy price that I would never buy a bar of soap for........... therefore I would not expect anyone else to!  I'm not going to be doing markets and I have closed my business - before it was even able to really begin................ and returned to "Hobby Status".  I will have soaps available for my blogging friends, and family but that is all.   Thankyou to all who have supported me as I tried to get going on this.

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